Terms and Conditions for Contracts and Purchasing
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Passing of the risk, packaging
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Terms and Conditions
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Passing of the risk, packaging

1. We shall fulfil our obligation to deliver generally at our place of production even if freight-free delivery has been agreed. The risk shall pass to Purchaser when the goods have left the factory or the delivery warehouse; this shall apply also to partial deliveries. If the delivery is delayed at Purchaser's request, the risk shall pass to Purchaser when a ready-for-dispatch note has been issued. The goods as well as any costs for storing the goods, etc. shall be invoiced.

2. We shall select the mode and route of transport, however without guaranteeing that the cheapest dispatch option, full use of the payload or the desired carriage or container sizes will be provided. The dispatch shall be made on behalf of Purchaser, FCA free carrier according to INCOTERM2010.

3. We shall charge a share of freight and insurance costs (EVA) of 2 % of the net value of the goods (abroad TKA 3.5 %). This includes proportionally the costs for freight and packaging of raw materials sent to our factory, the packaging material for dispatch from our factory, a transport insurance for the dispatch of the ordered goods, a disposal contribution according to the packaging regulation, and customs clearance fees where applicable. The transport insurance shall be taken out irrespective of who pays for the freight.
The delivery must always be checked upon receipt and a note of receipt must be signed by the addressee, if necessary with certain restrictions.

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Terms of delivery and payment