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Installation and assembly

Unless agreed otherwise in writing, the following provisions shall apply to installation and assembly.

1. Purchaser shall be responsible to provide at his own costs and in due time:

a) all earthwork, construction work as well as any other ancillary works outside our branch of business, including all skilled and auxiliary labour, materials and tools required for this purpose.

b) commodities and supplies required for the setting up and taking into operation, such as scaffolding, lifting tools as well as any other kind of appliances, fuels and lubricants.

c) electric power and water at the installation site, including connections, heating and illumination.

d) at the installation site, there must be appropriate, dry and lockable rooms of adequate size for storing the machine parts, apparatus, material, tools, etc. as well as adequate work and recreation rooms for the assembly personnel, including suitable sanitary facilities; furthermore, Purchaser must take the same measures to protect the property of Supplier and that of the assembly personnel on the installation site which he would take to protect his own property.

e) protective clothing and equipment which is required due to the particular circumstances at the installation site.

2. Before the installation works are started, Purchaser has to provide the necessary details regarding the location of hidden electricity, gas and water connections or similar systems as well as the required structural information without being requested to do so.

3. Before the installation or assembly work is started, the materials and items required for a start of the works must be available at the installation or assembly site and any preparatory works must have been completed to such an extent that the installation or assembly works can be started as agreed in the contract and without any interruptions. The access routes and the installation or assembly site must be levelled and cleared.

4. If the installation, assembly or taking into operation is delayed due to circumstances for which Supplier is not responsible, Purchaser shall bear the costs for the waiting time and any additional travels of Supplier or the assembly personnel up to a reasonable extent.

5. Purchaser must confirm the duration of the working hours of the assembly personnel on a weekly basis and report the completion of the installation, assembly or taking into operation immediately.

6. If Supplier requests acceptance of the delivery after completion, Purchaser shall carry out the acceptance procedure within two weeks. If Purchaser lets the two-weeks' period lapse or if he has started to use the delivery, possibly after the end of an agreed test phase, this shall also be deemed as acceptance of the delivery.

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